The Investment arena is very complex as there are many ways in which to invest and there are thousands of onshore and offshore funds to choose from.

So where do you start?

You have to establish:
– What you are trying to achieve
– What resources you have to achieve your target
– How much risk are you prepared to take to achieve your target.
– Which Tax wrapper or combination of tax wrappers is most suitable for your needs?
– Over what timescale do you want to achieve your target?

These are some of the questions that we would be discussing with you prior to making an investment proposal to you.  We then use software programmes to provide some of the answers and we spend some considerable time drilling down to find out more about the answers you have given to see how that would stack up against the external pressures and vagaries of the Global markets in general.

I spend a great deal of time in front of fund managers establishing their investment style and how this would help my clients achieve their investment goals within the risk parameters that we have been set.

My industry experience and contacts allows me to ask relevant questions that possibly other advisers may not know or understand the significance. In many instances, it allows me direct access to the fund manager in question.

I have various ways that I keep in touch with the movement of fund managers around the industry and am constantly looking at new fund managers who may be the industry stars of the future. This is a very important aspect of keeping the clients goals in the forefront of our thinking.

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Andrew Benson - Managing Director of Bow House

Over the past 25 years, Andrew has held several key positions with major financial organisations including international life companies and asset management organisations.

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