Relevant Life Cover

Stop paying for life cover with your own personal, taxed income and save up to 50%

Relevant Life Cover is a tax efficient alternative to traditional life insurance policies, allowing directors of limited companies to receive death in service benefits where premiums are paid by the company instead of from personal income after tax.

Big business benefits at small business costs

Relevant Life Cover is ideal for directors of SME businesses where there are not enough employees to be able to offer a group life scheme, enabling business owners to take advantage of tax benefits normally enjoyed by larger companies. It is also suitable for members of existing group life schemes as an option for topping up existing benefits or high earning employees who may exceed their personal pension lifetime allowance. For higher rate tax payers, this could save them up to 50% on their life assurance premiums, compared to normal personal life policies.

Key Benefits

  • Pay for life insurance via your business
  • Save up to 50% on the total personal cost of life assurance
  • Reduce tax and NI contributions for you and your business
  • Receive benefits as tax-free payments
  • Benefits excluded from lifetime allowance and don’t count towards inheritance tax


Relevant Life Cover Example


Personal Life Cover

Relevant Life Policy



Company Costs:

Employee NI contribution (2%)



Income Tax (40%)



Employer NI contribution (13.8%)



Total Company Costs (Gross)



Corporation Tax Relief (20%)



Total Company Net Cost



Total Saving

£770 (49%)

Why pay more tax?

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